Manni, our executive chef from Italy, awakes each morning to the sound of KX Radio, a deep acid mix, ready to start making fresh pasta & bread.

He's been a chef for several years, working in top London restaurants. He and his dedicated team of chefs, inspired by traditional flavours and innovative techniques, bring you fresh pasta daily. Our personal favourite is the softshell crab carefully placed on dramatic squid ink spaghetti and flavoured with a traditional Italian tomato base. 

Osvaldo, our resident cocktail mixologist, brings a flare to your dining experience like no other. He lives and breathes London life whilst conversing in Italian to Manni and his team. He has a wealth of information that adds to each dining adventure. Be sure to try his secret signature cocktail.


"Best Italian pasta I've had in the heart of London!"

- Calvin

"The music and atmosphere make you feel like the night's just starting."

- Nicole